How to Make an Old Fashioned Without Bitters

Are you looking for an evening beverage that will bring an old-fashioned flair to your drink? If so, you’ll be happy to know that a classic Old Fashioned doesn’t require any special ingredients or equipment in order to make one. It can easily be made with just a few readily available ingredients and the traditional recipe does not include bitters!

In this blog post, we’ll show you how easy it is to craft this tasty and timeless libation from the comfort of your very own home. So put on something festive, pull up a chair, and pour yourself a stiff one; it’s time for an Old Fashioned – without bitters!

How to Make an Old Fashioned Without Bitters

If you love to make classic cocktails but don’t always have bitters on hand, then learning how to make an old-fashioned one without them is essential. This classic and timeless cocktail, which originated in the 1800s, typically calls for simple ingredients like whiskey or brandy, sugar cubes, and aromatic bitters. But if you’re fresh out of bitters or want a lighter flavor profile for your drink this isn’t a problem at all!

With just a few tweaks here and there we can still turn our favorite cocktail into something delicious while leaving the bitters behind. So read on to know how to make an old fashioned without bitters!

Benefits of Making an Old Fashioned Without Bitters

1. Easy To Make

One of the main benefits of making an Old Fashioned without bitters is that it’s relatively easy to make. All you need are whiskey, simple syrup, and orange or lemon zest for flavoring. You don’t have to worry about having all the necessary ingredients when you’re in a pinch.

2. Versatility

Making an Old Fashioned without bitters makes your drink much more versatile because you can switch up the flavors with different kinds of whiskey and other ingredients like fruit or herbs. You can make a completely unique Old Fashioned each time, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

3. Less Bitter Taste

When you make an Old Fashioned without bitters, it has a less bitter taste than when they’re included. This makes the drink much more enjoyable for those who may not like the strong flavor of bitters. Plus, you can still get that signature Old Fashioned flavor without them too!

4. Health Benefits

By omitting bitters from your Old Fashioned recipe, you can also reap some health benefits. Bitters are known for containing a plethora of artificial additives and sugars, so skipping them means your drink is much healthier!

Bitters Are Known for Containing a Plethora

Making an Old Fashioned without bitters can be a great way to enjoy the classic cocktail in a new and exciting way. With its easy-to-make recipe, versatility, less bitter taste, and health benefits, you can see why this is a popular choice for many. So if you’re looking to make an Old Fashioned without bitters, now you know all the reasons why it’s a great idea!

How to Make an Old Fashioned Without Bitters in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather All The Materials

The very first step is to get all the necessary ingredients together. For an Old Fashioned without bitters, you’ll need whiskey (rye or bourbon will both do), simple syrup, a muddler, and glasses.

Step 2: Muddle The Simple Syrup

In a shaker tin (or other container with a lid) add one teaspoon of simple syrup and the juice of half a lemon. Muddle these together until fully combined. This will also help to release the flavor of the lemon into the drink.

Step 3: Add The Whiskey

Once the simple syrup and lemon are muddled together, add 2 ounces of your choice of whiskey (rye or bourbon). You have to make sure to use high-quality whiskey.

Step 4: Stir

Stir the mixture using a long spoon to help fully combine all the ingredients and for an even taste. Make sure to stir for at least one minute or until completely blended. This will also help to ensure that the drink has a smooth and balanced flavor.

Step 5: Serve

Your Old Fashioned Without Bitters is now ready to be served! Pour it over ice into a glass and garnish with an orange or lemon peel for added flavor. You can also add a splash of club soda or seltzer water if you like. Enjoy!

Splash of Club Soda or Seltzer Water

These five easy steps will help you make an Old Fashioned Without Bitters that is sure to be a hit with your family and friends! With just a few simple ingredients, you can create this classic cocktail without the need for bitters. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to relax after a long day, you’ll be sure to enjoy your homemade Old Fashioned. Cheers!

Some Additional Tips to Make an Old Fashioned Without Bitters

1. Do Not Use Too Much of the Sweetening Agent

While making an Old Fashioned without bitters, it is important to use a small amount of sweetening agent such as simple syrup or sugar so you do not overpower the other flavors. Also, make sure to taste your drink before serving.

2. Consider Adding a Splash of Lemon or Lime Juice

Adding just a splash of citrus juice, such as lemon or lime, can add the perfect balance of sweetness without too much-added sugar. You could also choose to use an orange twist or zest to garnish your drink for an even better flavor.

3. Experiment with Other Herbs or Spices

You can also add a few dashes of other herbs and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice to the drink to give it just the right amount of flavor without using bitters. These flavors are sure to complement each other nicely!

4. Use Quality Ingredients

Finally, it is important to use quality ingredients such as good whiskey or bourbon for your Old Fashioned. Using a high-quality product will give you the best result and make sure your drink tastes amazing without the need for any bitters.

Follow these tips and enjoy a delicious Old Fashioned without using any bitters! Cheers!

Use Quality Ingredients Such as Good Whiskey

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Making an Old Fashioned Without Bitters?

When making an Old Fashioned without bitters, you should take extra care to make sure the ingredients are well-balanced. Be careful not to overpower one flavor with another. Also, consider using a lighter spirit such as bourbon or whiskey as opposed to a heavier one like rye or scotch, as the alcohol content is higher in these spirits. It’s also important to measure out your ingredients accurately; too much or too little of one ingredient can ruin the drink.

Lastly, make sure you use fresh citrus juice for the most delicious results.

What Are Some Alternatives to Bitters When Making an Old Fashioned Without Bitters?

When making an Old Fashioned without bitters, there are a few alternatives you can use to add flavor and balance. You could try adding a splash of flavored simple syrup, like ginger or allspice. Another option would be to muddle fresh herbs such as basil, mint or rosemary in the bottom of the glass before adding the other ingredients. Lastly, you could try using a different type of citrus juice such as orange or grapefruit instead of lemon or lime.

Can I Use Other Spirits Besides Whiskey When Making an Old Fashioned Without Bitters?

Yes! While whiskey is the classic choice for an Old Fashioned, you can experiment with other spirits such as brandy, cognac or rum. Just be sure to adjust the amount of other ingredients accordingly as some spirits are stronger than others when it comes to alcohol content.

What Is the Best Way to Sweeten an Old Fashioned Without Bitters?

The best way to sweeten an Old Fashioned without bitters is to use simple syrup. This is a combination of equal parts sugar and water that has been brought to a boil and then cooled. You can also add honey or agave nectar, but be sure to adjust the amount depending on how sweet you want your drink.

What Are Some Garnishes I Can Use When Making an Old Fashioned Without Bitters?

When making an Old Fashioned without bitters, some popular garnishes include a maraschino cherry, orange twist, or brandied cherries. You could also use spices like cloves and allspice for a unique flavor profile. Finally, fresh herbs such as basil or mint can add a nice contrast to the drink.

Use Spices Like Cloves and Allspice


Now you know how to make an old fashioned without bitters! Crafting a delicious old-fashioned cocktail is truly an art form. With so many varieties of bitters and spirits to choose from, the options are endless! By following these steps and experimenting with different ingredients you can create your own mouth-watering masterpiece. 

From whiskey to gin to brandy, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to making a good old fashioned without bitters. Take your time when selecting the right ingredients and enjoy your delicious results. So cheer up, raise a glass, and toast to the perfect homemade old fashioned—no bitters required!

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